Make Vance County SAFE Again

Work Towards Eliminating Drug Activity

Once elected Sheriff of Vance County the department will work closely together with the local police department, surrounding counties, and state agencies to crack down on drug use and trafficking throughout the county.  In 2010, I was promoted to a Narcotics Investigator in the Vance County Narcotics Unit and later promoted to Sergeant.  Throughout my training and experience in this unit I feel confident with the help of my co-workers and other agencies we can tackle Vance County's drug problem and make our community safe again.

Get More Involved in Community Activities

My main goal is to bring more youth programs/activities to the community and help support existing programs already in place.  I would like to build better relationships and trust between law enforcement and our citizens by hosting events that would bring the two together.  I would also like to build up support and involvement in the community watch programs along with any other programs within the county.  

Improve School Safety

Many parents express concern with sending their children to the public schools in our county due to violence and drug activity.  My goal as Sheriff is to have regular meetings with the Superintendent, Assistant Superintendent, school principals, and school resource officers with the intention of discussing active issues and ways we can resolve the problems together.

Reconstruct the Vance County Sheriff's Office

After being employed with the Vance County Sheriff's Office for the past 15 years I have noticed some issues within the departments chain of command.  I feel that I could make improvements by moving positions around within to help the department run more smoothly and efficiently.  I have reached out to several past certified employees of the Sheriff's Office who have expressed interest in coming back to the department to help me reach my goal in filling vacant positions.